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Company Outfitters offers custom embroidery on a wide range of products.  We offer a variety of apparel such as Nike, Eddie Bauer, OGIO, Red House, Hanes, Gildan and many more. We have no minimums on custom embroidery.


We’ll help you make a great first impression with top-quality shirts, jackets and vests personalized for your business. We make company outfitting quick, easy and worry free.

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Wearing Your First Impression

Zachary Davy

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”  
-Will Rogers

We are hardwired as human beings to make quick evaluations and decisions based on what we see, so in business it is extremely important for that impression to be POSITIVE!!!

In his book and column, Little Things Matter, Todd Smith says, “The first impression you make on people creates a lasting impression.  If you fail to make a positive first impression, you may never be given a second chance.” 

Todd goes on to point out that companies spend millions of dollars on packaging and branding, so wouldn’t it make sense that we consider how our appearance affects our businesses?  

As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

One of the key factors influencing how potential customers intuitively see our businesses is how they see our employees.

Certainly, hiring the right personality is critical to any company's success; what they wear is critical to that company's image (or brand).

Studies indicate that appearance, including clothing, plays a more significant role in developing a first impression than personality.

Uniforms and branded apparel are worn for that very reason.

We recognize the UPS or FedEx person immediately, and know instinctively that this is a hard working person!   Nike embroiders or prints its famous swoosh! on their products so that we identify quality!

We all immediately recognize corporate logos, so why not create our own and wear it proudly?

At Company Outfitters we recognize the critical role your image plays in how your business is perceived by the world. Let us help you create that favorable first impression by outfitting you in quality clothing with your quality company logo!  

Make a good first impression with Company Outfitters!